How to overcome a paint blockade - Motivation course


What makes us do things like traveling, loving, meeting people, cooking or painting?
That is the will and the motivation
If I have an idea, then I want to implement it. And that motivates me. Like now, I want to paint an abstract picture with you and that motivates me right now. I can already see it in my imagination and I can't wait.
Shortly before implementation, Jonny Controllety sends the question:

What's the point of it all?
Are you wondering that too?

You are the creator here and can do whatever you want. You can create a new world here. And don't ask for the meaning now, just do it.



Language: German (with English subtitles)

Level: Suitable for beginners and advanced


Colors: acrylic

Time: 25 minutes

Price: 15 euros (18 Us Dollar)


The fee for the course is to be transferred to the following account.
After the amount has been received, the file will be sent via WETRANSFER as a mail.

For EU citizens:

Bejan Enukidze
IBAN: DE93 3002 0900 0307 7010 25

For non EU citizens

Via PayPal:

Email Adress:
The publication of the course is not allowed


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